Switching Accounts

Need a simple kit that helps you switch
your checking account with ease?

Belvoir Federal offers you a quick and easy package that will allow you to move your checking account to your local credit union. We realize that moving checking accounts can be time consuming and inconveient, so we are here to assist!

To help you with this process, Belvoir Federal has developed a Checking Account Switch Kit. The instructions and forms provided in the Switch Kit will assist you in moving your existing checking account from another financial institution to the Belvoir Federal Credit Union.

However, if you prefer to visit us, come visit one of our local branches and our friendly employees will be happy to help you through the entire process. Our Contact Center is also ready to answer any questions you may have. For detailed information about our checking account products, please click here.

Organizing your Checklist

Gather all relevant information regarding your existing account(s) such as account number(s), bank routing number, and recent statements.

Review and note all automatic payments and outstanding checks or pending payments that have not yet posted to your account. Remember to leave sufficient funds in the account with your other financial institution to cover these items.

Opening Your Belvoir Federal Account

Tech Savvy? Open an account

Want the personal touch? Bring all prepared paperwork to your local branch.

Want to hear a friendly voice? Have all prepared paperwork easily accessible and call our Contact Center at 703.730.1800.

We will need monthly statements for all of the automatic payments you wish to change or add to Belvoir Federal’s BillPay (credit card statements, utilities, loan payments, etc.).

If visiting a branch, be sure you have a picture ID, previous banking information (financial institution name and voided check), membership eligibility information, and the funds to establish your share account.

Direct Deposit Changes

Complete a Direct Deposit Form from Belvoir Federal and submit to your Human Resources or Payroll office.

Adjusting Automatic Payments

You will need to set up or transfer your automatic payments.

Most merchants provide secure Web sites that allow you to change your automatic payment information online. Don’t forget any automatic payments authorized using your Check Card!

You will also want to stop any current transaction(s) and reestablish the payment once you have received your Belvoir Federal MasterCard Debit Card.

Belvoir Federal also provides online BillPay Service through our Belvoir Online Banking (BOB) area. Online BillPay is a quick, convenient, more secure, and less expensive alternative to writing and mailing checks as well as automatic payment drafts.

Closing Your Other Account

Confirm all checks have cleared your previous checking account, BillPay has been cancelled and reestablished with Belvoir Federal, and that all automatic payments have been transferred to your new checking account.

Some financial institutions may require additional forms before closing your account. Destroy any unused checks, ATM/Debit cards and deposit tickets associated with your old account(s).

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  • *APY = Annual Percentage Yield
  • *APR = Annual Percentage Rate
  • Federally insured by the NCUA.