Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2011

Free Services (Applicable to All Accounts)

$1,000.00 Accident Death and Dismemberment Insurance E-mail Alerts about your account (B-Lerts)
Access to Credit Union Service Centers across the US E-statements
Account Reconciliation Financial Counseling
Account Verifications Financial Seminars/ Webinars
BelTel (Belvoir Federal’s Audio Teller) Incoming Wires
BOB (Belvoir Federal’s Online Banking) Notary Services
Change Counting Machine6 Online Bill Pay
Check Copies on E-statements Debit Card
Signature Guarantee Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
Starter Checks Travelers Checks (Single and Two Party)
E-mail alerts about account security, educational seminars/ webinars,
and changes at the CU (E-Lerts)

Credit Union Membership

Membership Share $5.00 par value
Closed Account Fee No Fee

Share Savings and Money Market Account Fees

Inactive Account Fee 1 $5.00/month
Teller Withdrawal 2 $2.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $30.00/item
Single Service Low Balance Fee3 $5.00/month

Share Draft/Checking Account Fees

Basic Checking Service Fee4 $5.00/month
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $30.00/item
Stop Payment Fee $30.00/request
Share Draft Print Fee Prices Vary dependent on style ordered
Copy of Share Draft Fee $2.00/item
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00/card

Small Business Checking Account Fees

Minimum Balance Fee (if less than $1,000.00 balance not maintained) $10.00/month
Bulk Coin Deposit Fee 3% of Deposit
Check Paid Fee (First 100 checks free each month) $0.15/check
Deposit Fee (First 100 items per transaction free) $0.08/check
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00/item
Stop Payment Fee $30.00/request
Share Draft Print Fee Prices Vary dep. on style
Copy of Share Draft Fee $2.00/copy

Loan Fees

Returned Payment Fee $30.00/item
Auditing Fee 25.00/request after 1st request in a 6 month period
Consumer Loan Late Fee 11 or more days late, 20% of the interest due, min of $1.00
Indirect Auto Loan Late Fee Will be as stated in dealer contract
Home Loan Late Fee 11 or more days late, 4% of the payment due, min $1.00, max $999.99
Home Equity Subordination Fee $100.00/item

Electronic Funds Transfers Fees

ACH Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00/incident
International Assessment Fee for ATM/Debit card foreign transactions 1% of transaction amount
Non-Proprietary ATM Users Fee at Belvoir Federal’s ATMs5 $1.50/use
Non-Proprietary ATM Surcharge Fee Fee may be imposed at ATMs not owned by Belvoir Federal

Other Service Fees (Applicable to all Accounts)

Bad Address Fee $5.00/month
Account Research Fee $25.00/hour
Bill Pay: Next Day Check $20.00/each
Bill Pay: Same Day ACH Payment $20.00/each
1-Party Deposit/you wrote yourself a check from another account. $30.00/item
2-Party Deposit/someone else wrote you a check $10.00/item
Check Paid from Funds on Hold $30.00/item
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing, Domestic) $10.00/each
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing International) $30.00/each
Cashier’s Check Fee $5.00/each
Check Cashing Fee $5.00/check
Credit Union Checks $5.00/each
VISA Gift Cards $3.75/each
Legal Processes Fee: Garnishments/Levies $50.00
Express Mail At Cost
Western Union Quick Cash $21.00
Western Union Quick Cash With Message $23.00
Paper Statement Fee $1.00/statement (monthly)
Telephone Inquiry when same information is available on BOB or BelTel $3.00/inquiry

Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit box key replacement At Cost
Safe deposit box drilling At Cost

Safety Deposit Box Rental

3×5 $40.00
3×10 $60.00
5×10 $80.00
10×10 $120.00

1 For accounts with single relationship, minimum daily balance below $500.00 and no activity for (180) days. Fee waived for members under 25 years old.

2 Per withdrawal after (4) withdrawals from Share Savings and Share Clubs per month, regardless of account balance.

3 For accounts with single service relationships, average daily balance of $500 after 60 days. Fee waived for members under 25 years old.

4 For Basic Checking account members over the age of 25 without a full direct deposit or loan product with a balance.

5 For Basic Checking account members over the age of 25.

6 Coin Machine is free for members. For non-members, an 8% fee is applied.


Belvoir Federal would like to remind our Members that when a purchase is made in a foreign country, the transaction amount is converted to U.S. dollars, and adjusted by a 1% currency conversion fee. When the transaction is posted to your account, the total amount (purchase amount plus conversion fee) appears as a single transaction on your billing statement. On April 2, 2005, the converted transaction amount started showing separately from the International Transaction Fee on your billing statement. This fee is assessed on all international purchases, credit vouchers, and cash disbursements and is labeled International Transaction Fee 1%.

  • *APY = Annual Percentage Yield
  • *APR = Annual Percentage Rate
  • Federally insured by the NCUA.