Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet from Belvoir Federal

Reinventing How You Shop

Belvoir Federal Credit Union has partnered with MasterCard® to provide our members with a Belvoir Digital Wallet. With this virtual wallet, you can now purchase items on the go through your mobile device, at home from your computer, or in stores all from the touch of your phone or click of your mouse.

Belvoir Digital Wallet is an easy way to speed through checkout lines with peace of mind. The Digital Wallet makes it possible to pay for the things you want with the security you demand, through the simple click of a mouse, touch of a tablet, or tap of a smartphone.1

How Does It Work?

Belvoir Digital Wallet Amenities

Belvoir Digital Wallet is a free digital wallet service that makes online shopping safe and easy by storing all of your payment and shipping information in one convenient and secure place. With Belvoir Digital Wallet, you simply shop, click, and checkout faster online. The Digital Wallet works on any connected device with debit cards (such as your Belvoir Federal Debit Card), prepaid cards, and several credit cards, including your Belvoir Federal Credit Card, MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover®, American Express®, and more. So, use it anywhere you see the Buy with MasterPass button at checkouts.

Belvoir Digital Wallet is simple to use.

1 Simply, sign in to your account.
2 Confirm your payment and shipping information.
3 Checkout – without reentering all of your payment data

Shop with confidence online at any store – large or small – that displays the Buy with MasterPass button. The multi-tiered security built in to the Belvoir Digital Wallet makes it as safe as it is convenient.

1 All of Belvoir Digital Wallet features may not be available at this time. Please continue to check back within your digital wallet as more merchants and stores begin to adopt the MasterPass technology.