If you are traveling, let Belvoir Federal know!

Whether you are traveling overseas or across the country, please let Belvoir Federal know your plans. By informing us of your traveling dates and your destination, we can work to minimize the chances of your cards being blocked or flagged for unusual activity.

Debit Card Contact us by logging into BOB and using the secured message board or call Belvoir Federal at 703.730.1800
ATIRAcredit MasterCard Access your ATIRAcredit MasterCard site through BOB and enter your travel information or you may call 888.428.4721

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Debit Card

If you’re debit card is lost or stolen, please call 1.800.234.5354 and follow the prompts or members can also call the credit union at 703.730.1800.
If there is unauthorized activity with your debit card, please call the credit union at 703.730.1800.

If your address with Belvoir Federal Credit Union is not current, your debit card access may be blocked. Contact us for details.

Credit Card

Credit Card Activation 1.888.691.8661
Lost/Stolen Credit Card 24-hour Account Information 1.888.4ATIRA1 (428.4721)

To Access Your Credit Card Information

Online Within Belvoir Online Banking (BOB), click on “My Card” tab in the top navigation bar to access your ATIRAcredit Member Card Services
Mail ATIRAcredit MasterCard,
P.O. Box 10415
Des Moines, IA 50306-4015
Phone 1-888-428-4721 ATIRAcredit Customer Service

Travel EMV® Card

What is a Travel EMV Card? The Travel EMV Card1 is a prepaid reloadable debit card that has a chip embedded as well as the usual magnetic stripe. This chip technology reduces card acceptance issues while traveling outside the U.S. where chip technology is quickly replacing the traditional magnetic stripe as a means to reduce fraud. You have enough to worry about when traveling abroad. The Travel EMV Card is universally accepted whether a merchant uses chip magnetic stripe technology. With the Travel EMV Card, it does not matter – we’ve got you covered! The Travel EMV Card is a reloadable card funded with U.S. currency. It can be used for purchases at merchants and retailers worldwide, online, or to obtain local currency at millions of ATMs. The card is covered by MasterCard® Zero Liability policy.2

What to know before you go:

  • The Travel EMV Card requires a PIN or signature when using it at a merchant or ATM
  • Minimum load at time of purchase is $100.00; Maximum value on the card is $5,000.00
  • There are three ways to reload the card:
    • Linking your checking/savings account to the card and transferring money online
    • By visiting a Green Dot Money Pak retailer; see for locations
    • In person at a Belvoir Federal branch

Visit to:

  • Manage your Travel EMV ® Card account
  • View Terms and Conditions
  • Find Frequently Asked Questions
To activate your card or report it as lost or stolen Call: 1.855.898.0087
Customer Service Call: 1.855.898.0087

Get your EMV card today by visiting a branch or call us
for more information at 703.730.1800

1 Belvoir Traveler EMV Prepaid Card- Belvoir Fees (see Cardholder Agreement for AFFN fees). Belvoir Sale Price – Members – $9.00. Belvoir Reload Fee – Members – $2.00 (additional $1.00 fee charged by AFFN for each reload. Member can avoid Belvoir’s $2.00 fee by loading card online at AFFN site). Belvoir Replacement Card Fee (At Branch) – $5.00 (Additional $10.00 fee charged by AFFN. Member can avoid Belvoir’s $5.00 fee by getting replacement card directly from AFFN). Shipping cost if member wants to have card mailed – Actual Fedex Shipping Cost (About $35.00 depending on destination).

2 See Cardholder Agreement for Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers