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Belvoir Federal Credit Union Offers FREE Webinars and seminars!

Currently, there are no webinars scheduled, but please check back soon for future webinars. If you wish to view previously recorded webianrs, please click the recorded webinars tab.

Belvoir Federal offers FREE Financial Webinars and Seminars every month from Noon to 1:00 PM (unless otherwise noted). These Webinars and seminars are open to the public, but reservations are required. To make reservations for a seminar contact Amy Shanks via e-mail or phone (703) 730-1800 ext. 5425 at least 2 days prior to the seminar. If you wish to reserve a seat for a Webinar, please select the “click to register” hyperlink.

View Belvoir’s Past Webinars

Recorded Webinar Topic Date of Recorded Webinar
Your Money, Your Credit Score and Your Retirement August 10, 2012
It’s A Matter of Life and Debt October 27, 2011
Navigate Your Way To Better Money Management October 28, 2010
529 October 15, 2010
TSP July 16, 2010
Tax-Free Investing April 16, 2010
Avoid ID Theft December 10, 2009
Budgeting for a Better Tomorrow September 17, 2009
Coping with Loss/ Reduction of Income June 18, 2009
Single Again: Facing Your Finances May 6, 2009
Fundamentals of Fixed Income Investing April 9, 2009
Score More with Good Credit March 19, 2009
Crisis to Confidence January 29, 2009
Get the most out of your thrift savings plan December 4, 2008
Collegiate Funding Solutions October 28, 2008
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