For Life

Excellent Service For Over Three Decades
I opened my account in 1975 and still have it. Later I opened accounts for my son and daughter and they still use accounts. The Belvoir Credit union has always helped us. I have financed 3 new cars and 3 used cars of the last 35 years. Will always be a member due to excellent service. ~ Hilary E. Member Since 1975
Credit Unions From Generation To Generation
My father always told us to belong to the credit union where we were stationed. He said to keep $2000 in the account because it served as life insurance. Not accidental disability (as is the case today) but life insurance. When he died in 2002, I contacted BFCU, as this was grandfathered. The person on the phone didn’t know about the insurance but referred me to someone else. Several weeks later my mother receive a check for $2000 for life insurance. We have all kept our accounts open receiving great service such as this for many years. ~Sallie R. Member Since 1960’s

Joining Was The Best Move We Ever Made
Joining the Fort Belvoir Credit Union was best move we ever made. We were able to send our son to college, and purchase a new car every 8 to 10 years. You can’t beat their interest rates. ~Owen J. Member Since 1971
Providing Personal Professional Service
These are difficult economic times for Americans and our country; financial institutions are being taken over by governmental controls and money is hard to come by. However, the Belvoir Federal Credit Union has extended a helping hand in many ways with their online Bill Payment option that has helped me save stamps when sending out bills. Belvoir Credit Union personnel provide personal, professional services via e-mail or a convenient phone call away. ~Kenneth M. Member Since 1989
Why Would Anyone Open An Account Anywhere Else?
I opened my account with you guys right after I filed for a divorce. I needed my own bank account. I then open a small credit card. I’m have in the past few months gotten a car loan. In the processes of moving my other car loan from Suntrust to here. what was i thinking, i don’t know why i didn’t think of my credit union first. That won’t happen again. Use my story to help others. Why would anyone open an account any where else. No hidden fees. In fact no fees at all! ~Mary A. Member Since 2001
Dedication To Customer Service Shines Brightly
I would like to inform you of the great work Ms. Johnson has performed for my family and I this week in processing 3 requests made to Fort Belvoir. We made the following loan requests 1) $8500 Christmas/Vacation Loan, 2) $500 Over Draft Protection Line of Credit, 3) Refinancing Car Loan > $12274. Ms. Johnson performed superbly and was so professional in her actions in processing our requests through the credit union loan officers. I have never seen such expeditious responses in processing our financial requests ever. Her dedication to customer service shines brightly and has given us the greatest Christmas news this holiday season. Please recognize Ms. Johnson with “Kudos” for her outstanding work and professionalism in servicing us on our recent loan requests. Her work and 100% customer service commitment is superb. If the credit union as an “Employee of the Month” recognition program ….Ms. Johnson should be selected.
~Mark V. Member Since 2003
I Have A One Stop Banking
The staff where I bank regularly at the Mount Vernon Plaza branch office are great. They always greet me with a smile and personal greeting. So much more personal than the big banks. Of course, the Belvoir staff see me about once a week, sometimes more. I’m really glad you opened the Mt Vernon branch. The timing was perfect, it opened the month I retired so it’s much more convenient than traveling to Fort Belvoir or even further to Woodbridge. I much prefer to do my banking in person rather than via the internet. And now that you service my other credit union, I have one stop banking. Please never, ever close the Mount Vernon branch. ~Greg C. Member Since 1978
Belvoir Federal Has Always Been The First Place We Look For Our Financial Needs
What can I say about Belvoir FCU that most likely hasn’t been already said . You’ve always been the 1 stop shop for all of our needs. New cars, you’re there, home improvements, you’re there, financial advice, once again, you’re there. I recall the days when the not so friendly not so real bankers in this country lobbied Congress to shut down the Federal Credit Union system, because the FCU system always offered us more (options and opportunities) and less (lower interest rates). From that point forward I never looked at banking the same. Belvoir FCU has always been the first place we look to when we have financial needs, and always will be. I was a young NCO in 1985 when we joined. I just hope BFCU will be there when I make my final transaction. Thank you… ~Lonny & Karen L. Members Since 1985