For People

Credit Unions Are There For Us
Dear Credit Union Members… I have been a member since 1988. I have had some problems, I have never felt that the credit union was not there there for me, case in point I live about 20 miles from Galveston, as you know Ike made a real mess here a year ago Insurance companies are bad companies, I had damages to my home,( a hole in the roof) Allstate took about 2 months to even get out to look at it, to make a long story short, I made a call to the credit union Spoke with Fran Hoffman told her what my problem, was told that she would get back to me the next day or so. About 4 hrs later that day she called back to find out if there was a Fax machine so that I could sign the Papers. I know that times are tough and trust is at a all time low but the Credit Union is there for us. I thank the people that I have dealt with for years at Belvoir Federal Credit Union. ~Michel D. Member Since 1988
Live In Fredricksburg, But They Are The Reason I Stay With Belvoir
I’ve been with BFCU for 15 years. I do not have one bad thing that ever happen with the credit union. They always bend over backwards to help me even if it not their mistake. The staff in Woodbridge is GREAT!! Belinda, Fran, Mel and Stefanie Should all be given a RAISE!!! I think if you need someone to train your staff, you should get a input from these ladies how to take care of a customer . They are the Only reason I stay here. I live in Fredricksburg, with no branch . I still have stayed with Belvoir thru it all. No bank (or person) could ever touch the customer service that these ladies give. My experience is Incredible!!! ~Steven D. Member Since 1994

I Will Never Ever Forget How Belvoir Credit Union Helped Me
I came to Fort Belvoir Credit Union after living a life not becoming to most people. After cleaning up my life and my life style I began to focus on my credit. My credit was so bad that I was not able to open up a savings or checking account at any of the banks I applied at. My daughter who is the military referred me to Belvoir Federal Credit Union. I will never ever forget how then Belvoir Credit Union helped me. Not only did they allow me to open a checking and savings account but they asked me to apply for a small loan ($500.00) and also to write a letter to the loan officers and to the board stating why I was not credit worthy. As a result of that letter, the loan application submission for the $500.00 and the interest that a particular loan officer took in me, I have never looked back. My credit score is over 700 and I am able despite these trying times can for the most part obtain credit pretty anywhere. I speak about Belvoir Credit Union all of the time. Because of the chance that Belvoir Credit Union took in me my life has changed drastically for the better. I thank GOD for Belvoir Federal Credit Union. ~Bina G. Member Since 1995
The Staff At Belvoir Federal Was Friendly And Professional
Needed to take care of some personal business with the credit union. Did not want to enter personal information into the computer because I felt that my computer was not secure. I was able to get everything I needed done via the telephone. This saved me from making a trip to the credit union which would have taken me at least an hour or so not to mention sitting in the traffic. The staff at Belvoir were both friendly and professional in helping me to complete my business transaction. ~Lillie W. Member Since 1989
I Don’t Know Her Name… But She Always Has A Smile In Her Voice
There’s a woman at the Woodbridge drive-thru… I don’t know her name… but she’s ALWAYS cheerful, ALWAYS has a smile in her voice, ALWAYS treats you like you’re the most important person in the world… even if I’m having a rotten day, she can at least get a smile out of me while I’m there. ~David H. Member Since 2009
Managers Who Care
I want to say your manager Francisco and the staff at the DLA location are the greatest, they are concerned and caring, they should get a nice bonus they are the best. They offer all kinds of help and ideas. ~Ellan P. Member Since 2000
I Can’t Praise Them Enough
I have been dealing with Belvoir Credit Union since 1966. I have nothing but high praise for every one who works there. They all make me proud at the profession manner in which they perform. They make you feel like family and really are attentive to your needs. Each one is caring and give the person their undivided attention . I noticed as I wait to be serve. I can’t praise them enough. ~Ellen D. Member Since 1966
Managers Who Go Above And Beyond
I would like to commend Ms. Margarita Freeman from the Mount Vernon Branch. I was recently there due to the fact that I had lost my wallet and had no identification and needed to withdraw a small amount of money in order to get a drivers license from DMV, I had lost all forms of identification and had nothing. Ms. Freeman stated it is going to be no problem and she was very helpful, I have spoken with Ms. Freeman in the past and every time she has gone above and beyond to help me and I am glad there are still good people like Ms. Freeman who genuinely care and are helpful. Thank you. ~Luis T. Member Since 2008
I Was Pleased With His Approach
I think the best story I can share is the thoughtfulness of each representative in the Credit Union. I was feeling down on a particular day and I went to the Counter to get help. I wasn’t in a good mode but when Mike took me aside and talked to me about my situation and helped me to understand it, I was pleased with his approach. Had it not been for him get me thru my ordeal, I think it would have been worse. As a result, things have become better and I am proud to be a member of the Ft Belvoir Federal Credit Union. ~John H. Member Since 1984
Services Are Prompt, Unique, And Effective
I love Belvoir Credit Union.Their services are prompt, unique and effective. ~Elizabeth E. Member Since 2009