Go Mobile and Win with Belvoir Federal

Learn How To Play

Belvoir Federal hosts its 4th Annual Web hunt! To celebrate this year, visitors of Belvoir Federal’s Web site can participate and win amazing prizes. In order to demonstrate how our electronic services can be used simply and conveniently, we have strategically placed “Go Mobile and Win” iPads on multiple pages throughout our Web site. Find all 8 iPads, unscramble the secret phrase, enter the phrase on Belvoir Federal’s Facebook, and be automatically entered to win prizes. *But act fast… Web hunt ends May 31, 2013

Let’s Get Started… What’s First?

1. Review the prizes to see what you could be entered to win. For official rules, see the rules tab on the game card or click here.
2. Click the “Register Here” button and fill out the registration form so we can properly identify our winners when the time comes. By filling out your contact information, you will also be able to sign back into the Web Hunt and pick up where your last session ended. Just in case you do not want to search for all 8 iPads at the same time.
3. After you complete the registration form, begin your search for the “Go Mobile and Win” iPads throughout the Web site. These pieces can be found on any page on www.BelvoirCreditUnion.org’s site. Be sure to look high and low for all the hidden iPads! And, as a bonus, be sure to scroll over the iPad to read valuable information.
4. When you find all the pieces, the iPads will illuminate an image for you to collect. Once all icons are collected, your game board will display the game pieces that you found with a hidden letter. Unscramble the letters to form a word and then follow the instructions to add your phrase to Belvoir Federal’s Facebook. Once you have found all 8 iPads and entered the secret phrase, you will be automatically entered to win any of the prizes. Good Luck!


Get a helping hint to find the hidden iPads. Click the hints icon to navigate through Belvoir Federal’s Web site to collect all 8 iPads